Yellowwood box for coasters

Right! Time for another #toolstreestimber challenge; sadly this one fizzled out a little, but nonetheless - time for another box and another jig.

I decided it's time to make a box for these yellowwood coasters that ended up in a little stack on the kitchen counter, because: challenge, also because: blowing off some steam. I found a piece on yellowwood from the same bargain bin (but not the same tree) as where I found the wood for the coasters and should probably have resawn it as I ended up bevelling all the sides at 5° to make the edges at the top and the joints a bit thinner than the original 20mm or so, which is considerably thciker than the coasters and unbalanced the whole lot - a big round over could have maybe have worked as well.

My joint of preference for this little project was a box/finger joint and I have been meaning to make a finger joint jig for quite some time, so … win / win.

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