Padauk jewellery box

You know what they say - if you're looking for something to build, but out of ideas, build a box. The thing about buidling boxes is that you get to challenge yourself a little.

In the case of this particular build, I wanted to try my hand at some curves with thin strip inlays (cut with the thin strip cutting jig), resawing wood on the table saw, making corner mitres with a hand plane and a shooting board and make some decorative splines on the corners … so yeah - lots of skills were honed.

I used padauk for the box sides and dividers (not pictured) and beech for the top and bottom, all resawn on the table saw. The thin, curved strips on the lid are purple heart, mahogany and yellowwood.

Bonus points for making a jewellery box for Princess Sassypants as a birthday present.

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