Blowing off some steam

Walnut speaker set

Sometimes life gets to us. Sometimes you just have to walk away … turn your back on the darkness and walk towards the light or else you'll be consumed by it.

I'm going through a lot of personal stuff at the moment; I have a decent, reliable support network … but some days venting your frustration doesn't help. Some days it feels like it's all just too much and that life is expecting more from us than we have to give.

It's on days like these where I just have to keep my hands busy, where I just have to focus on anything but life … those are the times when I am grateful to have a half decent coffee machine, a pack of Camels in the first aid cabinet and a workshop to hide in … time to just focus on what my hands are doing and nothing else.

Generally speaking, woodworkers tend to huddle in small, close knit communities from all walks of life. We support and encourage each other and typically enjoy a shop visit, which invariably involves a warm beverage and geeking out on tools, wood and whatever is on the bench. If it wasn't for woodworking, I'd probably have checked out ages ago.

So if you ever wondered why the Omie on your street with the woodworking tools is spending so much time in his workshop making things; wonder no more - he's probably blowing off some steam in his happy space while waiting for the sky to clear … at least: that's my story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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